When I was 16, all I could dream about was having my own convertible and heading to Florida for Spring Break with my girlfriends.  Instead, I was stuck in an old Ford Econoline van with my dad sister and 2 brothers.  It wasn't even one of those cool designer vans.  It was a 1978 rusted out, no heat throwing, gas guzzling junker.  However, we had a really cool custom loft in the back that we got to sleep on, no seatbelts, highly illegal...it was great.  Needless to say, the van did not do much in the way of attracting the men of our dreams that my sister and I so desired at the ever maturing age of 16.  On the contrary, when we pulled into the beach parking lot we would slide down in the seats and make everyone else get out before we did.  We needed to make ourselves look better than we really were.  If we only had that convertible. 

20 years later, I'm landing at the Phoenix airport with my girlfriend Rhonda.  We had decided to take a last minute spring break.  As we finished the paperwork for our car rental, they had mentioned upgrading to a convertible.  We looked at each other with big grins.  We loaded our luggage into our new Ford Mustang convertible, put the drop top down and cruised out of the parking garage.  As we pulled up to a stop light, I looked around. Palm trees, best friend, convertible, spring break... I would have given anything to have had this 20 years ago.  

That's when I realized, I couldn't have handled it 20 years ago.  I would have destroyed myself had I had this 20 years ago.  There are so many things that we want so badly at the time but it's for the wrong reasons.  We try and convince ourselves that our motives are pure, but only God can see the heart of man/woman.  There are so many times when I wonder why God didn't allow me to put together an album earlier on in my life.  I get the same answer that I got with the car... you would have destroyed yourself.  Our success with the Lord is more important than our success in life.  He is more concerned with our soul prospering than He is with what we can accomplish. "Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you." When we seek Him first, he gets us to the place where we understand what we're supposed to do with all of the "things".