What's Wrong With a Size 10?

It's the new year and I'm just saying it, "I feel huge". I've eaten way too much, said yes to way too many desserts and laid around and watched one too many sappy Lifetime dramas. So here I am, struggling to get my calf through my favorite pair of skinny jeans.   I think skinny jeans keep getting skinnier by the way.  I am at the crossroads that every well intending woman finds herself at when she enters "middle-age".  Do I move up a size, or do I go to battle to survive in my size 2's?!  Before you roll your eyes and wonder why I'm complaining because I'm a size 2, self-loathing knows no size.  We all are susceptible to the same scrutiny and insecurity no matter what size we are.  And to top that off, wearing Spanx makes everyone a size smaller! (they also make it very hard to breathe or digest any sort of food or liquid). With all of this said, I decided to move up a size, rather test the waters by buying one pair of bigger pants. Things like this take time you know!  As I was trying them on I noticed that some places fit really well and others didn't fit so well.

It got me thinking.  First of all it got me thinking that it would be really nice to just go back to the Garden of Eden and be naked so I would have nothing hindering the growth of my body.  Second, that sometimes, just like trying to fit my body into a size that it wasn't made for, I try and do the same with my life.  Just like with styles and sizes of clothing, I've been given styles and sizes of life. Based on who I am and what I like, I choose the life pattern that seems to fit...or not. Sometimes I choose a life pattern that looks really good on someone else, but may not be suited for me.  It's kind of like those online stores that model all of their clothing on mannequins and then you get it home and it looks like someone took a shrink wrapper to your butt and thighs! But what if I had access to a custom tailor. Someone who knew all my measurements, all of my curves, and used amazing fiber technology that stretched and moved with all of my changes. Psalm 139:14-16. A "Tailor" whose material  embraced change because it created no boundaries. The only catch with this miracle worker would be a constant need to be remeasured, moment by moment, day by day, year by year. Would it be worth it?  

In God's Kingdom, everyone fits even though we are all different. It's a bit of an oxymoron. It's very much like a puzzle.  What would happen though if we all started morphing into the pieces that we thought were the "right" pieces, or the "better" pieces? The puzzle wouldn't work at all.  

God has a purpose and a plan for each one of our lives. Jeremiah 29:11. The decisions and lifestyle He has for your life will look different than the decisions and lifestyle He has for my life.  Our charge is to be confident in our "Tailor".  Be confident, and trust and know that He is good at what He does.  In fact, He is the best there is. 

Digging Deeper: 

Who said we have to fit? Who created the sizes and the designs of life? In Gods' design, there are as many sizes of clothing as there are people on earth. Just like His design for our lives. What areas in your life have you compromised in order to "fit". Ask the Holy Spirit for help and guidance in being true to who He has designed you to be.